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TopDog Society A collection of 6,333 super intelligent dogs, dedicated to revolutionizing the way you experience Web3 news. To do this we are building an AI-driven news platform called SourceFeed, enabling you to discover, customise and digest the news that matters to you. Core Features include: - Customise your Feed - Aggregate all your Web3 news in one place with a customisable feed based on the topics/categories that matter to you. - Discover New Articles/Topics - Get recommended articles and topics to read based on your likes, dislikes and reading habits. - Summarise your News - Get expert summaries of articles and select what you want to read further (10x Discovery, 10x Time Saved, 10x bandwidth…). - Get Alerts when Events Occur - Create alert triggers for news around key topics/categories that matter to you. - And more… NFT Holder Benefits - Lifetime access to the SourceFeed Top Tier Subscription (all features) - Early access to new features and platform upgrades (Alpha, Beta…) - Access to SourceFeed features developed exclusively for NFT holders (+8 features planned) - Secured whitelist spot in the token pre-sale and eligibility for AirDrop - Alpha and early access on SourceFeed related projects (i.e. SourceEDU, SourceStake…) - Lifetime discount on merchandise and tickets for events (i.e. TopDog Merch, SourceSummit…)
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