Solana ShroomZ
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Solana SOL
A long time ago in the blockchain universe was created Solana forest. And the first creatures that arrived already loved it and stayed there. Then the word spread out about a magical place and NFT creators started to explore it and made it their own. But now it's filled with all kinds of creatures and the time has come to grow some magical ShroomZ. We grew 1234 of our Gen 1 ShroomZ for those creatures to feast on. The Gen 1 ShroomZ will be very important in our journey to Gen 2 ShroomZ. Everyone who holds Gen 1 ShroomZ will get royalties from Gen 2 secondary market sales. For every 3 Gen 1 ShroomZ you will get airdropped Gen 2 ShroomZ to that wallet. Every holder of Gen 1 will be Whitelisted for Gen 2 Mint with a discount according to the amount they are holding. Gen 2 ShroomZ will have many benefits along the way. One of them will be an epic Metaverse party in ShroomZ Clubhouse, continuing with real-life events. Gen 1 holders will have a say in our Clubhouse development process, as well as other important milestones we will come across. Come explore and be the savior of one of the most wanted Solana forest inhabitants.
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