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What is Skullation? Skullation is a unique NFT collection. All items is collectibles living on the Polygon blockchain, stored as ERC-1155 tokens and hosted on IPFS. Skullation can be bought and resold on the OpenSea with No Gas Fee! Rarities Skullation is one of the few collections on OpenSea, where you can search between certain numbers, special numbers and rarity. We have spend a lot of time in developing and creating this filter system. The rarity of the characters depends on the probability of the 6 main parts coming together. These 6 main element contain the following numbers of sub-items, and their rarity is automatically determined at the rate the item's use in the collection. Community will grow its at an affordable starting price and this will increase demand. Members will get new benefits, unique PFP, access to community rooms and more. Story of Project After a very harsh sea age, Pirate skulls surviving unknowingly on a lost island. Now, they need to explore the world, create inventions; different cloths, styles, appearance and generes for a new world! Skullation collection is randomly generated unique skull characters minted on the Blockchain. The collection will consist of 3,333 pieces different skull characters. 33 of them will be very special editions of the collection and fully hand-drawn like the others. They have +900k possible combinations and a variety of facial expressions, outfits, items, ranks, backgrounds and hats.

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