Sacred Amulets TCG
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3fmTMtXbvsf7CgAWU6hojFiwM7tehgX3gq4udsdeuri71st Strategic Comic Manga P2E on Solana Blockchain, Hold

1st Strategic Comic Manga P2E on Solana Blockchain, Holders get airdropped in game packs, Players will be ale to stake their NFTs for $SA coins in our trading card game, play to earn using their NFT in the game and benefit from many game rewards. Sacred Amulets Wave 1 mint consists of 5000 NFTs which each character card can be used in the trading card game. You purchase packs in the TCG to build your deck and play against other players in tournaments, Vs battles and deck challenges. Players can earn $SA coins in the TCG by winning Tournaments Prize pool Rewards, daily, weekly & monthly challenges from our game ecosystem. Having the SA TCG NFT has a big advantage as you can use that character in the game, but from a new player entering the game normally will have to purchase game packs and the character cards are random and not guaranteed to get the character card in the pack chosen. Wave 2 will be the second half of the collection of another 5000 NFTs these are the strongest characters in the TCG mint TBA

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