Mondie Tripletonz Genesis
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The Tripletonz were born on the blockchain as a 10,000 authentic NFT collection inspired by the life and journey of a pair of real-life triplets. Their mission is to bring innovative ways to create connection and a shared mindset amongst humans for the ultimate goal of living to humanity’s fullest potential in both the metaverse and the physical world. The Tripletonz are not only space-time invariant but also revolution invariant. Moreover, they are such that they remain independent of the evolution of the Universe, and at the same time, they can predict such an evolution. Their Main power is that they are present when you need them as a collective consciousness. In order to fully develop and be perceived by humans at their highest potential, the Tripletonz are addressing human’s COLLECTIVE CREATION POWERS. They have been born as Oneness and in order to enjoy their journey on Earth and contribute to humanities development, the Tripletonz need to develop as separate identities (distinct traits, body shapes, and other characteristics) What Makes Tripletonz so unique in the NFT realm? -First NFT project to reflect the connection between the earthly identity with which we came into existence- being real-life triplets – and the metaverse identity which aims to unleash undiscovered ways to live and create. – Opportunity to Win 1 Bitcoin when minting starts. One NFT out of 10,000 will have Bitcoin traits. Whoever mints the Bitcoin Tripletonz, will win 1 BITCOIN. -Authentic and peculiarly designed personages with unique traits and rarities -Opportunity for the communities’ self-expression value through creating the NEW NFT Tripletonz Identities which will forever exist on the blockchain – We Call it: COLLECTIVE CREATIVE POWER – winning creators will receive lifetime royalties, public recognition and so much more. -The first project to implement Collective Creative Power on the NFT blockchain -Mondie Tripletonz NFT Genesis Collection will grant holders exclusive and fair access to members-only benefits once the roadmap is activated.
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