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Whitelist mint: 04/27 Public mint: 04/30 So, what is Medieval Glory? Medieval Glory will use the power of Blockchain to create a fully decentralized medieval and mystical world in which the people themselves will have complete control over the politics and way of life of the citizens of Ebiron. Why is Medieval Glory different? Our mission is to create a mystical world unlike anything you’ve seen. We have history and a universe created entirely for Medieval Glory. You will have access to a world where the people themselves will build the story. Medieval Glory offers a few key advantages 1 – A whole new world: We took care to create something totally new and exciting for our holders. We spent a few days thinking about how beautiful and wonderful the world of Ebiron will be. 2 – You will build everything with us: All our holders will have access to our DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) entitled Bard’s Taverns where all our holders will have the right to make decisions in the creation of our world. To learn more, click here. 3 – We want to create something big: We don’t just want to be just any game, our desire is to create the largest mystical medieval community in the world and together we will create an MMORPG, a tabletop RPG, themed bars and restaurants (You can create your own themed space. If you are a holder of one of our NFTs, you will have all copyrights to it), clothing sales and much more.

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