LeBomm Punks
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Polygon MATIC
LeBomm Punks is a collection of 600 hand-drawn 1:1 collectible NFTs available on Polygon blockchain. The punks look alike nowadays celebrities, sport starts, TV series, cartoons & videogames characters. They are rich in details and characterised by individual rarity levels that provide holders with original and individual types of benefits. This project is all about art, utilities and community: holding LeBomm Punks provides plenty of benefits and different rewards, such as passive income from staking rewards, pre-sale whitelisting, periodical promos & discounts, giveaways, community events, and much more! Moreover, this project works as "holder pass" for our new projects coming up from 2023. With this project we aim to grow strongly and steadily by expanding our area of influence in both Metaverse and physical words. We want to achieve this by focusing on community & utility through the support of worldwide charities by montlhy donations from our sales and NFT community & new artists. Our first 50 punks will be available from 0.0025 WETH to give the opportunity to everyone to become an early holder and enjoy our benefits since the beginning as well as the opportunity of growing together
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