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Where conscious travelers come together enjoying travel, luxury, and spiritual experiences. #JTTribe is clear! Our purpose is to BE A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE ENTHUSIASTS TO TRAVEL AND LIVE LUXURY EXPERIENCES, DO BUSINESS WITH HIGH PROFITS, BE PART OF THE NFT WORLD, and receive many real benefits in the real world by investing in NFTs belonging to a "like-minded" community. JTTribe is the global community of conscious and divergent travelers committed to caring for and conservating our world's endangered or threatened animal habitats. Fosters the creation of an aware and divergent community that likes to travel the world while caring for their health and the world's health and, simultaneously, be part of the blockchain economy consolidating a long-term project offering owners full rights and lifetime assets. Contribute to conserving the 21 THREATENED or ENDANGERED animal species. Our mission is To become an ecosystem of visionary entrepreneurs, where the pleasure of traveling to the best places, with access to the best rates, is combined with the awareness of contributing to conserving our world's ecosystems. Those that make tourism possible at the lowest fares possible to the best places on this planet-and with the experience of trading in the world of Defi -decentralized finances-. JTTribe is a mix of creatives, business people, and entrepreneurs who have always been committed to serving the common good. Thus, our NFTs create value by developing UTILITY in real life: access to the World of Luxury Travel&Experiences, high appreciation of real estate values, games, and services, and awareness for the sake of a thriving community in a global vision of sustainability for our world. The limitations between absolute centralized online travel agencies (OTAs), known as the OTA Duopoly, today are disrupted by JUSTRAVELERS TRIBE JTT creators have managed to take the concept of luxury and merge it with an enjoyable user experience that incorporates a real-life sustainable component. This has proven to be a winning combination. We are bringing together two types of users in the real world, enthusiasts, travelers, and entrepreneurs looking for utility opportunities. We have many unique and exclusive value assets and benefits that can be obtained by purchasing JTT NFT. The user will have a range of solidly structured benefits. We are located in an iconic tourist destination, in the southeast of Mexico, Quintana Roo, where you can find world-class destinations. Our cities are Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Tulum, and Bacalar, all of which are committed to meeting the standards of being a destination toward a sustainable path of continuous improvement. Our team mostly lives in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico City, Sri Lanka, the USA, and Spain and some people were temporarily hired from Africa, Asia, and turkey . There is a wide variety of world-class sustainable projects like Gorilla Gang NFT, plasticoceans.org, gstcouncil.org, GEMA, Makers Global, Amigos de Sian Kaan, Humans 4 Reef, beach cleaning, source locally made furniture, and upcycle decoration.

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