Generative Art Collection NFT "Gen GiMoPu #5 by AndrBel"
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Generative Art Collection NFT "Gen GiMoPu #5 by AndrBel". Generative Art by AndrBel, this is the second collection of generative art in math formulas and code from artist-designer AndrBel. In the second collection of Generative Art, AndrBel touches on a theme inspired by memories from childhood, when it was popular in apartments to have carpets on the floors and walls in each apartment. And a crazy variety of their variety of patterns and colors. In his collection, the artist AndrBel conveys these memories and supplements the ornaments with his artistic thoughts by programming it in a code through which you can get a unique pattern with a color solution and an ornament. Generative art by AndrBel Art in the collection series "Gen GiMoPu by AndrBel". You will be presented with a series of works of generative art in collections, combining the space of thinking-vision of the artist AndrBel, connected in programming code and embodied in unique final works that display color schemes of the conceived idea-theme and lines-geometry of movement. These compounds will be reflected in my collections of Gerative Art under the general name - "Gen GiMoPu". Mint NFT open 10 February 2023 10:00 am (AndrBel - Artist, Designer. "AndrBel Studio" Gallery Art Milan-Tokyo-New York.)
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