21 July
Last Update: 21 July

Yuga Labs Warns Users of an NFT Attack

Yuga Labs, the company behind the popular NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, has announced that they expect an attack soon.

Many people are interested in NFTs, which are a crucial part of the crypto money ecosystem. However, security issues also plague the NFT industry.

Yuga Labs just announced on its Twitter account. After security experts discovered a threat network targeting the NFT community, the company warned that risky social media accounts may soon launch a coordinated attack targeting several groups, putting NFTs at risk. "Please be careful and be safe," Yuga Labs advised its followers.

Yuga Labs has announced the publication of a document for its metaverse project Otherside on the project's goal, future, and ethics. According to the corporation, it sees Litepaper as a stepping-stone toward the development of its metaverse platform.
In addition, as a reminder, there was a code last year that could be used to make a limitless number of Bored Ape's. Yuga Labs declared the cancellation of the code one year after it was initially revealed.


Premint NFT Website has been hacked


Premint is an NFT whitelisting service that assists NFT artists in swiftly gaining access to a large number of verified NFT collectors and whitelisting them for new NFT projects. Over 12,000 NFT projects and a database of over 2.4 million collectors are available on the NFT services platform.

The thefts occurred on Sunday, according to blockchain security firm Certik, when hackers put malicious code on Premint's website.
The code allows it to produce a pop-up window in which users are asked to authenticate their wallet ownership, but it also grants hackers the required rights to transfer NFTs from their victims' wallets. Naturally, if you allow Metamask or other wallet permissions, you open the door for theft to happen.

However, in order for such an event not to happen from now on, Premint made a statement;


Premint proceeded to examine the incident with this statement, and as a result of the attack, it enabled customers to log in without their wallets, which they said would be safer and more comfortable.


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