27 July
Last Update: 27 July

With a Film Series, Meta Will Tell the World About the Metaverse

Meta has announced that it would take a different approach to illuminate the Metaverse concept. Keke Palmer will appear in a series of short episodes titled Metaverse 101.

The “Are We There Yet?” video series will demonstrate what is possible in the Metaverse. It also seeks to answer the question of what can be done in the future.

Meta “Are We There Yet?”

Kek Palmer interviews Metaverse specialists about the thriving sector in the series. The instructive series, which will run through the end of August, is being prepared by Meta's internal agency Creative X. The first episode of the series was widely distributed on social media. The episodes will feature dialogues between Palmer and other producers, artists, and professionals, according to the company's comments. The majority of the show will take place while you ride in a car to a futuristic vision of the Metaverse. It will also make us feel as if the Metaverse is becoming closer to us.

The first episode features Keke Palmer discussing the future vision of virtual worlds and developments in the Metaverse on a journey of discovery with Vishal Shah, Vice President of Meta. It is an episode where they discuss what is possible in the Metaverse, where the Metaverse stands now, and how Meta's Horizon Worlds can evolve in the future.

Vishal is asked to describe the Metaverse by Keke Palmer in the episode. Vishal responds in this context, "The easiest way to explain the Metaverse is the next stage of the internet." He then claimed that they had a fundamental difference and added. “It's the feeling that we're there with other people in a way that we can't get from our digital experiences today.”

The first episode of Meta also includes a fun game by Keke Palmer in which she receives answers concerning Web3's limits. Vishal discusses how creators and companies are establishing stores and developing games and digital experiences in VR right now. He describes how to go to haunted homes and comedy clubs, relax in spas, attend nightclubs, and even have a wedding.

In the upcoming episodes, Keke Palmer will take viewers even deeper into the world of the Metaverse. More Metaverse enthusiasts will chat with artists, creators, and other special guests. They will also talk about the latest Metaverse developments along with events that have unfolded over time. Metaverse is expanding its initiatives by improving its vision day by day. For this reason, it is wondered how short series planning will lead to innovations in the future.


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