19 August
Last Update: 19 August

The Number of Employees in the Blockchain Industry is experiencing a Great Increase!

Research by the professional networking site LinkedIn and the cryptocurrency trading app OKX found that as of June 2022, there were 76 percent more individuals working in the blockchain business than in the previous year. A "significant gap in demand for technical expertise in the worldwide Blockchain talent pool" was also discovered.

Blockchain Technology Needs Experts!

Studies have determined that there is an annual increase of 76% as of June 2022. Furthermore, the findings show the USA, India, and China as the top three countries for blockchain capability globally. In terms of the growth rate for blockchain talent globally, the study identified India as the highest ranked country with a growth rate of 122%. Canada ranked second with 106 percent. In addition, Singapore ranks third with a growth rate of 92%. The talent growth rate of Blockchain in Nigeria stood at 81%, ranking fourth worldwide. In addition, Nigeria had the highest rate in Africa. Among the top ten countries to recruit global Blockchain talent, China has the lowest rate. This rate makes China the country with the least growth at 12%.

Canada has the greatest growth rate (560%) for blockchain job ads. Singapore, with a 180% growth rate, was rated second as well. With a 145% growth rate, India comes in third place. With an 82% growth in blockchain job ads, the United States and Germany are in the fourth position. According to the data, banking employs the most individuals (19%) in terms of talent composition in the blockchain business. The next highest skill is in engineering, at 16%. The top five with 6% each include business development, IT, and sales talent.

The research has released its findings regarding the significant disparity between supply and demand for technical expertise. According to the research, there is now a significant shortage of technical skills in the worldwide blockchain industry. Through June 2022, engineering talent will continue to lead the worldwide need for blockchain talent. IT talent also adheres to it. They are significantly behind in terms of product management, marketing, and human resources. According to the study report, "short tenure" is one of the effects of the blockchain industry's talent shortage. Additionally, he stated that there is "rapid skill churn and worldwide talent mobility.”


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