09 October
Last Update: 09 October

Sega Will Launch Its First Blockchain Game!

Sega will collaborate with Japanese blockchain company Double Jump Tokyo to create the first blockchain-based video game driven on its intellectual property. Sega and the company have agreed to collaborate on this.

Sega Will Release Its First Blockchain Game!

Double Jump Tokyo, a Japanese blockchain gaming startup, will offer a SEGA-licensed digital collectable card game. In this context, work on the Oasys HOME L2 network continues. According to a blog post, the Web3 trading card game is based on the mythology of the three kingdoms romance. The game is based on the intellectual property of the Sangokushi Taisen series, which was initially published in 2005 by Tokyo-based SEGA.
Sangokushi Taisen is shown as a game in which participants gather actual cards and put them on the game's field. It is also a popular real-time strategy game where you may make money. Double Jump Tokyo will create the game with Sega's intellectual property. Blockchain technology, on the other hand, is utilised. However, it is unclear how the game will function. An announcement will be made soon.

The game's release date has yet to be determined. It will, however, be Sega's first blockchain-based game, depending on when it is launched. Users will be able to safely own, purchase, and sell digital products such as in-game items and artwork thanks to data stored on a Blockchain. Last year, many corporations, like Nike and McDonald's, began their own technology-related ventures. It has also resulted in a rise of technological references.

Top game companies are researching Blockchain Technologies!

Oasys is a proof-of-stake network that was created exclusively for the gaming industry. It combines public layer-1 and private layer-2 Blockchain technology solutions to give gamers a quick, dependable, and gas-free gameplay. The goal, according to Oasys Director Daiki Moriyama, is to drive the broad adoption of blockchain-based gaming.

Hironobu Ueno, CEO of Double Jump Tokyo, issued a remark on the matter. "We are proud to be a pioneering partner in developing new games on the blockchain with SEGA," he added in a statement. Numerous game companies, most notably Konami and Atari, have begun selling digital items as NFT, despite widespread condemnation of the format's massive carbon footprint and, many feel, unethical conduct. Sega has long been known to be experimenting with Blockchain and NFT technology.
Sega filed their NFT trademark only a week after CEO Haruki Satomi expressed concerns about NFT. Producer Masayoshi Kikuchi issued a comment on NFTs in an interview published on Sega's website in April. He added that NFTs would surely be a component of the future gaming environment. 'Gaming has a history of expansion via the integration of various cultures and technologies,' according to its description. Watching social networking and gaming videos are two recent examples. "In the future, expanding into other areas such as NFT would be a logical evolution for the game."

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