15 July
Last Update: 15 July

Reddit introduced an avatar-focused NFT marketplace.

Reddit now offers its members an NFT-based Avatar marketplace. Users can pay using their credit or debit cards.

We have already mentioned that, like Twitter, Reddit prioritizes the NFT Profile photo function. To begin, users may utilize CryptoSnoos NFTs from Reddit's NFT collection as profile images. The company decided to make the NFT profile image functionality available to all NFTs.

The company is now offering its users an NFT-based Avatar marketplace. Members will be able to acquire blockchain-based profile images at defined costs thanks to the marketplace. Furthermore, you will not be required to connect your crypto wallet to the site in order to shop in the marketplace. Users can pay using their credit or debit cards.

Reddit's collections have 90 different designs. Tens of thousands of NFTs will be available for purchase at an early stage. Users with a restricted quantity of NFTs will have license rights and the ability to use NFTs as avatars on Reddit.
As part of the initiative, Reddit is teaming with Polygon to mint NFTs. Let us not forget that you may manage and host your NFTs using Vault, Reddit's blockchain wallet. NFTs will be available for $9.99, $24.99, $49.99, $79.99, or $99.99, and r/CollectibleAvatars members who are accepted by invitation will be the first to view NFT avatars.


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