25 July
Last Update: 25 July

Patrick Hughes, an artist, has announced the launch of his NFT Collection!

Patrick Hughes, a well-known British artist, is set to offer his Genesis NFT series on the MakersPlace platform. The painter created his own 'Reverspective' method. That is why he picked the name 'Reverspective' for the first NFT collection on Ethereum.

The collection will be available on Tuesday, July 26, at 06:30 PM UTC. We have gathered the details for you as NFT Reminder.

Reverspective NFT Collection

The Reverspective collection will be available on MakersPlace beginning early next week. Furthermore, the collection includes two limited editions with 10 pieces of labeled Banksy of England and Pygmalion. In March 2021, MakersPlace announced a partnership with Christie's auction house. However, the collective effort aided in the globalization of digital art and NFTs with the historic purchase of Beeple's Everydays the First 5000 Days. The NFT market is known for being the first to accept both cryptocurrency and price payments.

Banksy of England is a collection of photos that feature the well-known British graffiti artist Banksy in a humorous manner. Like a security camera, the rebel tossing a bouquet of flowers contains all of Banksy's pictures. These images allow one to consider society and its conventions as a desire. Pygmalion, on the other hand, has yellow doors that lead to a tranquil coastline with a blue sky. Doors are frequently featured as they open and close in Patrick Hughes' paintings. There are also models that are near to being open or closed. Depending on movement and viewpoint, these doors change between showing locked doors and stunning views beyond.

The collection also includes an open edition NFT named 'Exhibitionism.' It includes a range of works by great painters that influenced Patrick Hughes. Eduardo Paolozzi, Claes Oldenburg, and Andy Warhol sculptures served as inspiration. Hughes aspires to capture the essence of historic artworks and famous artists entering a new digital art world with paintings as Wayne Thiebaud, Roy Lichtenstein, Philip Guston, and Victor Vasarely.

About Patrick Hughes

Patrick Hughes is a well-known British artist who is acknowledged for his outstanding inventions and visually arresting experiences. Hughes had his first solo exhibition in 1961 at the Portal Gallery in London. Since then, he has invented and refined the 'Reverspective' approach throughout his career. 3D Reverspective images have been in high demand for the past 25 years. Furthermore, these pieces of art are still being shown around the world. They have, meanwhile, surfaced in a number of public collections.


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