22 July
Last Update: 22 July

OpenSea Announces Solana Launchpad Feature!

OpenSea, the most popular NFT marketplace, continues to collaborate with Solana. OpenSea, which earlier began accepting SOL Coin transactions and offered NFT trading in the Solana ecosystem, will now also support NFT minting in this environment.

According to the news made on the platform's official website, NFT manufacturers would be able to execute a project on the OpenSea platform from start to finish.

Solana NFT Launchpad Era Begins on OpenSea Platform

Solana, which has the biggest transaction volume in the NFT industry after Ethereum, also acts as the blockchain network where the most NFTs are mined. OpenSea, which outperforms its competitors in terms of transaction volume, has only lately begun to offer this blockchain network. In this approach, OpenSea competed with well-known NFT markets like Magic Eden.

Solana Launchpad will also improve collectors' overall experiences. Because the goal of Launchpad is to keep customers in their wallets while displaying assets, new Solana collections will emerge on the sites immediately. The major objective is also to retain the greatest Solana-based NFT experience. Users will be able to make payments in fiat currencies. Solana Launchpad also includes a collaboration with two Solana-based NFT projects to install and run OpenSea's new functionality. Zoonies and Monkai are the names of these two initiatives. Both will be available on Solana Launchpad later this week.

The company indicated that it believes in a multi-chain future in which OpenSea employees would be able to access NFTs on several blockchains. Solana was named one of the best blockchains for NFTs last year. It was also revealed that they would collaborate to share their ideas for a scalable and inclusive NFT ecosystem.



Zoonies NFT Collection

Mutant aliens are a highly evolved civilization that lives on Planet Zoon. Until recently, zoos were kept separate from humans. The book also chronicles the story of these aliens, who decided to remain isolated on their planet for thousands of years until humans visited them for the first time. The Zoonies utility offers a 2D Metaverse environment that may be explored. Starting July 20, 2022, 8.888 Zoonies will be accessible on OpenSea.




Monkai NFT Collection

Monkai, the company's revolutionary utility, aspires to create a community. A game is therefore a narrative-driven NFT effort that gives birth to the Metaverse. Individuals who purchase a Monkai NFT will be able to participate in the production of the Monkai anime plot. The service will also be available through the Monkai DAO. 1. The Collection will be available for purchase on OpenSea on July 26, 2022.






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