03 September
Last Update: 03 September

MoonBirds Announces NFT Events and Updates!

From the launch of PROOF Collective, Moonbirds and Oddities, to hosting events at NFT NYC and directing over 100 Podcasts, he has done incredible work in the past six months.

They also announced that they have increased their team to 30 people, including hiring a Research Director and full-time PROOF analyst. The other day, PROOF announced its future plans and what can be expected from the team in the coming months.

PROOF Announces Upcoming Events!

PROOF has announced that it will embark on a European tour. Called 'roadshows', these events are described as 'less than a party and more of a way to chat with others and get to know each other'. Some stops on the upcoming tour include Lisbon, Paris, Berlin and London. In addition, when the details become clear, they will be announced on Discord. Moreover, an Australian tour will be held in future studies.

Along with organizing their own roadshow, they also declared that they will organize a "PROOF conference." A multi-day celebration of Web3 will feature speeches from top business executives, IRL mint experiences, and art exhibitions scheduled for mid-2023. Members of PROOF Collective will also get a complimentary VIP pass. After that, when tickets go on sale, those who have Moonbirds and Oddities will get first dibs and discounted passes.

The company's goal is to make the NFT industry more transparent and understandable. It is desired to provide consistent resources in this situation so that it can continue. This includes a daily email that explores brand-new sectors and industries inside the NFT ecosystem as well as weekly trend reports. The business works to bring on more talented artists. They have introduced a number of handpicked items in accordance with this objective. There will now be three events per year, to start. Season 3 curation has also already begun. Second, they want to improve their collaboration by supplying collaborative artists with their knowledge of smart contracts. NFT projects will become more innovative as a result. They also announced that they are bringing a new product to their market. The name of the product was transferred as PROOF Curated. This product invites fine artists and curators to choose limited editions of their favorite emerging artists, all in partnership with PROOF.

The first curated collection will take place in partnership with season II Grails artists. However, the details have not yet been disclosed. Through PROOF genesis, it will bring established traditional artists and creators to NFTs for the first time. PROOF has big plans for this year. In addition to all of the above, they are also known to be planning a Moonbirds DAO and treasury. They also announced Moonbirds Mythics, the first official innovation of the Moonbirds collection.

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