29 July
Last Update: 29 July

Ledger Sells NFT, Top OpenSea Project

Ledger, a hardware wallet manufacturer, announced earlier this week the debut of its NFT distribution platform, LEDGER Market. The announcement was made at the Ledger Op3n event at NFT.

The French firm's new NFT platform, which will launch in New York in June, promises to serve fashion, luxury companies, charities, and financial institutions. The initial NFT collection, which was issued to coincide with the launch, sold out in less than 24 hours.

Genesis Pass NFT Collection

Some of the Market's launch partners include NFT projects such as Tag Heuer from LVMH, RTFKT, and DeadFellaz. The company also announced the launch of its Artist in Residence program. Ledger's first Genesis Pass NFT collection aims to allow owners to use a limited number of Ledger Black on Black Nano X, access select whitelists, and purchase new Ledger hardware.

In the first 24 hours of the market, 10,000 NFTs were printed. In addition, the collection topped OpenSea's trading volume lists with 1,637 ETH at the time of publication. NFTs are currently sold for approximately 0.56 ETH ($785). Potential buyers had to sign up for the Genesis Pass pre-print lottery. In addition, addresses were randomly selected to participate in the publication after registration. Ledger whitelist required 0.1337 ETH per wallet to issue a Genesis Pass.


In a statement, Ledger Executive Vice President of Experience Ian Rogers announced the debut of the world's first secure printer. He also claimed that the business has safeguarded 20% of the world's digital assets, or more than $5 million, in wallets. The edition, which Ledger calls secure, was completed utilizing open signing of transactions rather than the public signing of NFT purchases. A net signature, according to the company's representations, allows consumers to see all transaction data while signing. As a result, it delivers greater transparency. This strategy can also keep NFT investors safe from classic frauds like phishing.

Ledger Market

Ledger Market is a platform for multi-chain NFT distribution. This marketplace bills itself as the world's first safe printing platform for non-traditional currency collecting. Essentially, Ledger's objective is to make the NFT market as safe as real hardware goods. Users may only access the market via Ledger Live, a secure virtual ecosystem. Collectors can issue digital assets using net signatures within the Market. This is currently regarded to be the safest method of printing NFTs.
Collectors will be able to sell their Genesis NFTs on secondary markets as well. It is said that Ledger will impose a royalty of 7.5 percent for each secondary market sale. However, it has been declared that these NFTs would provide long-term benefits to investors. The reason for this is due to the company's partners. It is well known that Ledger has ambitious intentions for collaborations. The team, for example, has collaborated with NIKE's RTFKT.



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