08 August
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Leading Industries Using NFT and Metaverse

While witnessing the rapid development of today's technology with nano technology in the last 20 years, we see and live trends that affect and touch every moment of life.

We experience that meeting, symposium, information transfer, every moment that happens in life are transferred to this decentralized world and access to the lives in different locations and on this platform. Undoubtedly, when we assume that this is an important value of material gains, economic dimension and time, we minimize time consumption.

Lives in which the cult, social and economic life is embroidered into the virtual world, which is an indispensable part of life with digitalization. It provided the transition from quantity to quality with the economic blockchain approach of objects and abstract concepts in every field, from augmented reality to virtual reality.

NFT Verse, which is the new decentralized platform of the competition market and production, where financial gains are created, is the definition of copyrights to individuals or brands under the name of Qualified Financial Title NFT, which has entered our lives with many arguments digitalized with the encryption method, and the transfer of these titled copyrights, augmented reality, virtual reality. is the truth.


The Form of Masses Affected by the Sector, Where Rhythms Dominate and Sound Art is Performed, Occurred in the Metaverse


From content producers, sound artists, producers to amateur lovers, it is the fact that professional end products are bought, sold, developed, evolved and stored on the platform, where NFTs are encrypted and copyrighted.

Fashion World where Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are Blended


It is undeniable that design artists, influenced by all kinds of expressions, ideas and colors in the fashion industry, shape today's clothing world. Therefore, the way he expresses himself, the change of protocols, the gain he has gained in the necessities of the changing world is the motivation of communication and exhibition.
With NFT in virtual reality, clothing dedicated to the personality has been personalized, and the achievements of these personalized clothing are exhibited in qualified financial title deed status and exchanged.
The assets of collectors and the fashion world experience the awareness of saving cost and time.

The New Address of Entertainment Playability and Development of Games


By 2022, in this world where undeniable material scenarios are realized, discussed and implemented;
We see that game lovers can play games, produce, develop and market their own games on the same platform. While realizing all these, they do so on the same platform with the assurance that they are encrypted with the qualified financial land registry.


The Universe of Virtual Reality


Metaverse Real Estate, one of the world real estate agents that carries the real estate market to a different point, welcomes us in all its glory, and it is an eternity cycle that proceeds with the principle of transferring the properties of the lands bought and sold with a great money cycle to the wallets of individuals and branded companies with the same determination in this world with the Metaverse Real Estate and Cadastre. .


Supply of Logistics Chains


In the digital world, which has its share of cyber effects that create the concept of security in practice;
The studies circulating on the zero error axis, which companies carry out their operations in particular and proceed under the supervision of time, efficiency and correct references, are secured by chaining with NFT. Thus, the sector positively welcomes that the security-based NFT is affected by the effects of cybercriminals, who are in a bad approach.


R&D in Education


It was impossible for the education and training research and development units to remain indifferent to this situation, where this platform continues to live in the Metaverse, which encompasses all that is personified and securitized by this virtual reality and augmented reality, which has affected the providers on a significant scale.
The fact that many factors such as the pandemic affect human life in the world's life and that the necessity and flow of this life can be maintained at a minimum scale, and the efficiency of learning competencies has been increased, and it has been built to be reliable by moving the concepts of time and cost to a different point. Nevertheless, the administrators of the learning platform and our teachers thought that they should not be indifferent to this product and service and adapted to this system.
Students can navigate the digital campus, buy and read books from the library, and provide communication access among themselves.
R&D Participation of State-Based and Foundation-Based Schools and Universities in Education Life

Many state and foundation universities, as well as school curricula, have included trainings on virtual reality, augmented reality, qualified financial deed and the Verses of this platform. Departments and units are integrated. Resources have been started to be provided for the mutation and development of student loans and scholarships.
Opportunities and opportunities created by the inevitable platform of today and the future constitute an eternity, and the essential truth is that it will penetrate into every aspect of life in a positive or negative way and take place in our lives in terms of its permanence.
A sustainable eternity whose inclusiveness is consistent with the principles and libertarian approaches on the basis of equal rights for men and women, in line with the world perspective, in compliance with legal regulations and auditable.


NFT Cyber ​​Attack Danger


The opportunities offered by the technology of the age have brought the decentralized concepts of time into our lives. Lives in which culture, social and economic life is embroidered into the virtual world, which is an indispensable part of life with digitalization. In every field where the pulse of augmented reality to virtual reality beats, objects and abstract concepts have been transitioned from quantity to quality with the economic blockchain approach. The financial possibilities of these platforms brought along a great market place, supply and demand security. The digital attacks of the digital world, cyber theft and defense measures, rightfully protecting the copyright and material assets of the marketplace come to the fore. The attention of these platforms, where the formation of many areas as digital assets, has undoubtedly started by cyber hackers who are after unjust gains. Cyber ​​attacks have increased more recently.
 Cyber ​​attackers can access crypto money wallets in this direction, and it is necessary to take into account the fact that they may be faced with the theft of NFT Qualified Financial Titles to other accounts.



• Cloud servers,
• Corporate e-mails,
• Servers in the enterprise
• Remote access servers
• Employees' mobile devices
• Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)
Action measures and subject gaps that may create security vulnerabilities should be closed.


Operating System Based Threats;


• Trojan Horse: malicious software called data leaking and spreading over large areas.
• Exploiting Vulnerabilities: It is realized by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the active firewalls of the relevant parts mentioned above.
• Ransomware: Harmful actions that are made after leaking the data by gaining financial gain at the point of encrypting and returning the data.
• They provide theft by producing Crypto Money Mining using your technological infrastructure without your knowledge. It slows down your transactions. This results in the efficiency of your technology against your business.
• Unwanted Applications: malicious patches that manage and exploit your possibilities while appearing to belong to different downloads and functions in the background.
You must always be on the defensive against these dangers. Valuable software and artifacts such as NFT may evolve to different points in time. That's why you shouldn't be on our defense. Recently, countries have started to protect valuable works of art, including state information, thanks to NFT. They explain that this way they will provide a more reliable environment for future generations. The closest example is the destruction of historical monuments in Ukraine during the Ukraine-Russia war. In the 2022 Consensus event, the reasons and solutions related to this situation were discussed.


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