23 July
Last Update: 23 July

KIA Announces New NFT Project!

KIA America has recently announced the launch of NFTs as a marketing campaign for the brand new 2023 KIA Soul. NFTs consist of a 30-second commercial with a unique QR code embedded in it.

Without a doubt, the adoption of NFTs by such a well-known automobile manufacturer would improve their position as a marketing and branding tool. As NFTReminder, we have assembled the information of KIA's NFT project for you.

KIA's New NFT Collection

The Sweet NFT platform powers 10,100 KIA America-themed NFTs. To obtain one of these NFTs, viewers just merely scan the QR code with their smartphone while viewing the advertisement. Headlined the marketing effort, whomever you are, includes a 30-second ad using NFT characters. Three of the most popular DASK NFT characters appear in the commercial, travelling with the new 2023 Kia Soul.

The Dead Army Skeleton Club's (DASK) NFT collection includes over 150 hand-drawn features. It has been said that the new KIA Soul 2023 and the DASK NFTs depicted in the advertising inspired the production of 10,100 KIA America NFTs. KIA America's Vice President of Marketing, Russel Wagner, issued a statement on the subject.

Our new tool Soul is as individual as NFTs. As a brand, Kia is always innovating to reach the far end of the market.

KIA Continues to Grow in Web3!

The recently revealed NFT collection is not KIA America's first attempt into Web3. Sweet released an NFT unlike any other earlier this year. It also announced a collaboration with KIA America for this launch. This NFT featured Robo-Dog, who was changed into an NFT from KIA's Super Bowl commercial. The ad is significant since it is the first national TV commercial to include NFTs. It is also the first step in bridging the gap between traditional and Web3 media.

The NFT collection, which was announced in February, was built on the Tezos Blockchain. The collection also contains the Robo Dog NFT collection, which was featured in Kia's Super Bowl ad. These robot animal NFTs are offered through Sweet and Petfinder, two NFT platforms. Furthermore, the primary goal of this project is to locate everlasting homes for homeless animals. 90% of all revenues from Kia's Robo Dog NFT main sales are given to a selected foundation. Additionally, 10% of the proceeds from each NFT trade on the secondary market are set aside to help animals.

About NFT Platform Sweet

Sweet is a New York-based NFT platform. The company has succeeded in attracting creators, sports, and entertainment and consumer brands worldwide. It has also reached both veteran and novice NFT collectors as we enter 2022. Moreover, it provided support by offering various programs in this context.


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