21 September
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How NFT and DAO Work Together

DAO is defined as decentralized organizations formed to fulfill a common task through community governance rather than a central authority. It can range from investor and protocol DAOs to philanthropy, service, and DeFi DAOs. Known as the strong domain of Web3, NFTs are at the center of developments in any DAO. It also continues to play a key role in realizing a decentralized world's vision. NFT and DAO is actively working together in almost every field.


NFTs in well-known, well-known collections are often very expensive. Aggregator DAOs manage such private NFT assets. To this end, they sometimes get involved in art collecting and monetization activities to support the Blockchain arts ecosystem. They can also sometimes offer investment opportunities.

Fingerprints DAO, for example, builds a curated NFT art collection and acts as an incubator for new art projects. The collection belongs to the DAO. Members decide how the DAO treasury will spend to expand this collection. Membership requires holding 5,000 PRINT tokens, the DAO's management token. This is a good example for NFT and DAO. Let's explain the situation with one more example. Another DAO known for its NFT art is the Flamingo DAO, which explores investment opportunities. This DAO makes collective ownership possible by fragmenting valuable NFT assets. Flamingo DAO's portfolio includes 215 CryptoPunks and 22 Bored Apes NFTs. It is also currently worth $1 billion.

A few DAOs contain significant social components. Because they hold both digital meetings and physical activities. As an illustration, Friends with Benefits is renowned as a global network of thinkers, builders, and makers. A gallery for NFT works is run by DAO. Additionally, it encourages collaborations inside the NFT ecosystem by holding actual events, like the one hosted in Paris. The focus of the NFT art collaboration Bright Moments is on practical NFT mining. From November 14 to November 21, a forthcoming event in Mexico City will have live prints of more than 3,000 prolific pieces of art along with multiple training workshops on prolific art creation.

NFTs Fund DAOs!

As a valuable asset class with many forms of utilities, NFTs also serve as a crowdfunding tool. Krause House, for example, is a basketball-led DAO whose mission is to own an NBA team. To become a member, it is necessary to have a Krause NFT ticket. These tickets have benefits such as access to Discord channels and requesting special community roles. It is also delivered with the usual NFT tools such as airdrops and eligibility for sweepstakes. The DAO is funding the steps of the roadmap through these NFT ticket sales. It also received an investment of 1,000 ETH in its first funding round.

NFT marketplaces are another area where DAOs and NFTs are collaborating. Typically, these markets employ their governance tokens. For instance, Rarible allows its users to vote. Additionally, there is the RARI token listed in the Rare Protocol. Another NFT marketplace, Mintable, takes a slightly different tack. It employs NFTs for DAO voting rather than the ERC-20 token. Each user that purchases votes receive a special NFT. Then, NFT owners can choose future improvements. Additionally, it has the power to decide which musicians and collections to include.

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