24 July
Last Update: 24 July

Fundraising for the Metaverse Initiative by AMGI Studios!

AMGI Studios received funding to develop the NFT game as well as a Metaverse that connects Web3 and Hollywood. Yield Guild Games, Bitkraft Ventures, and Delphi Digital announced the funding. The fund's net worth has not yet been revealed. We have gathered all of the information for you as NFTReminder.

AMGI Studios, Metaverse Initiative

The creators behind the game are former Pixar and Disney. They announced that they are developing an NFT project called My Pet Hooligan, as well as a mobile app that will allow players to create animated characters in real time. The project aims to implement NFTs. Funds announced that Snow Crash and Ready Player One will be used to further develop the Metaverse of AMGI, a universe of virtual worlds that are all interconnected, as in the novels. They also stated that they started creating a game called The Rabbit Hole, which is a mix of Grand Theft Auto and Zootopia. The company announced that it would introduce the free and exciting game, which is brought together with animated characters, very soon.

AMGI will have dedicated advisers from all three funders as the company creates in-game ecosystems and social structures. AMGI states that it has begun work on bridging the gap between Hollywood and the Web3 environment. According to the firm, it is on a mission to integrate technology with high quality, character-driven animation. The startup also intends to employ NFTs to develop rare digital collections for Hollywood corporations. Pixar, Disney, and ILM artists and creators are among those on the creative team. AMGI has created certain technical animation capabilities that will serve as the foundation for Web3 growth.

It complements AMGI's newly announced smartphone app Immi. AMGI's Unreal 5 Metaverse environment Interloop is being constructed in this setting. According to AMGI, Interloop will provide an immersive digital experience. They also stated that they would bring other initiatives together to ensure true compatibility. While enabling developers to design their own experiences and game styles, a section will enforce uniformity. The Rabbit Hole is the initial section of this magnificent edifice.

Disclosures Regarding the Initiative

Yield Guild Games' head of asset purchase, Jeff Holmberg, issued a comment about the initiative. "With world-class production studios, AMGI Studios has demonstrated its capacity to generate story-driven narratives." It's also fantastic that it brings together such a creative crew." "We are happy to have them as a partner," he said later. Furthermore, we are looking forward to our community of players having a fantastic time exploring the My Pet Hooligan Metaverse," he concluded.

Jamie Wallace, who works at Bitkraft, made another remark on the idea. "By merging the creative team with their cutting-edge efforts, AMGI Studios will redefine the animation landscape of entertainment, gaming content, and interactive AR VR experiences." AMGI Studios will also deliver excellent interoperability to the Web3 environment through its patented technology Interloop. Furthermore, I believe they will determine the Metaverse's future."

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