19 September
Last Update: 19 September

Epic Games Listed Its First NFT Game!

Epic Games has released the first Web3-powered NFT game in its marketplace. According to the statements made, Mythical Games' Blankos party with more than one million players will be launched for the first time. In addition, Epic Games stated that it will diversify the market with NFT games in the statement it made in the past period.

Epic Games Released Mythical Games!

Prior to its release, Mythical Games raised over $150 million through various fundraising rounds. While Blankos was thinking about the Block party, the digital asset game had previously targeted the general public. Guitar Hero hopes to collaborate with seasoned game developers who created franchises like Word of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and Skylanders. The Web3 NFT-based game title went live on the website in December 2020 after being made available in open beta. The business revealed earlier in June that it has accumulated more than one million users in the multiplayer world of Blankos.

The studio announced in June that it will develop the free-to-play title fixed this year on the Epic Games store. However, it was unclear to both the press and users whether this type of game would be the first to be released. Inspired by the web designer toy culture, Blankos Block Party allows users to collaborate and play on a colorful virtual platform. NFTs are used in the game to represent a unique set of items, including accessories and designs, which can be traded through the game's marketplace. However, NFT is not essential for gaming. The game has included brand and artist partners in events since its launch.

Mythical Games Becomes the Store's First NFT-Based Game!

According to the Epic Games store, there will be more than 194 million users in 2021. Prior to its main rival Valve's steam market, it has now made investments in Web3 games. Game streaming using crypto and NFT will not be possible, according to a previous statement from Valve Steam. Tim Sweeny, the founder, and CEO of Epic Games tweeted in response. He explained in the tweet that the store will accept games that make advantage of blockchain technology. They must, he added, "explain their requirements, follow the law, and be evaluated by appropriate groups."
The Epic Games store is a virtual store for games running on Microsoft and Mac. The digital-based organization launched the store as a standalone launcher and website in 2018. The Blankos Block party runs on the studio's platform built on EOS. It is known as the Io Blockchain protocol. But it depends on Ethereum, the leading NFT network.


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