15 January
Last Update: 15 January

Azuki Announces Hilumia Metaverse Space

Azuki has announced the release of Hilumia, a metaverse city built by the community that serves as a physical representation of the company’s past, present, and future.

Azuki Hilumia is a metaverse city created by the community that represents the company's past, present, and future. Azuki owners can now explore Hilumia and visit various virtual places such as Slowpoke's Toy Haven, Hill Hall, 56 Fitness Center, 9 Lives Arcade, and Moda. Golden Skate Park, Love Island and Garden Express are other metaverse locations where people can suggest ideas for the metaverse.

The official announcement on Twitter has generated excitement within the Azuki community. The base price of Azuki has also seen a significant increase in recent days.



Azuki is celebrating its first anniversary.

According to NFT data tracker CryptoSlam, the virtual city was launched to celebrate the first anniversary of Azuki and the trading volume of the project increased by 86% in one day.

The company stated that Hilumia is an interactive virtual city shaped by the community and that will expand over time and emphasized that the ecosystem of the local Physical Backed Token (PBT) connects everything together.

Azuki Details

Azuki is a collection of 10,000 unique, productive avatar NFTs that were released on the market on January 12, 2022. Each token in the collection is created using randomly selected features and has artworks inspired by anime, which is defined as a mixture of the game "The World Ends with You" and skateboarding magazine Thrasher. Initially, the collection was intended to be sold through Dutch auction, where the price would gradually decrease over time. However, the collection sold out in just three minutes at a starting price of 1 ETH and never reached the final sale price of 0.15 ETH.

Explore at http://azuki.com/hilumia


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