25 August
Last Update: 25 August

Atletico Madrid Enters Web3 with STEPN!

Atletico Madrid and WhaleFin have announced that they will launch a collection of 1,001 soccer shoes in NFT format on the STEPN mobile app. Fans who purchase these NFTs will have access to exclusive products and experiences. The NFT collection is planned to be published on the STEPN mobile app.

Atletico Madrid Enters Web3 with STEPN!

On the STEPN mobile app, Atletico Madrid and WhaleFin will release a series of soccer shoes in NFT format. The campaign is part of a cooperation between Atletico Madrid and WhaleFin, the Amber Group's reference platform, principal sponsor, and digital lifestyle partner. Furthermore, STEPN is a Web3 application that encourages healthy lifestyles by rewarding users for exercising. A shoe in NFT format detects the platform. It awards tokens to users depending on their daily walks.

The collection consists of a total of 1,001 shoes divided into three different groups: 'common', 'rare', and 'rarest'. 850 common crampons will be dedicated to the club's national and international championships. It will also include the dates and places where it was won. 140 rare crampons will commemorate stadiums. Finally, the collection will be completed with 11 of the rarest crampons numbered from one to 11 according to the number of football players defending the jersey.

The current 1.001 NFT will be special shoes with special benefits for buyers within the STEPN implementation. In addition, sneaker owners will have special rewards in the WhaleFin app. What's more, anyone who owns an NFT from the collection will enter the raffle for an exclusive experience that includes tickets to watch the team's live game at the Civitas Metropolitano, along with sightseeing and hotel nights. Users who buy rare crampons will receive an official Atlético Madrid jersey. Finally, rarest buyers will have access to an even more special item as their jerseys will feature their captain's signature.

The initial edition of the collection was to have 200 shoes. In addition, 180 of the initial bots will be given via WhaleFin. STEPN will distribute the remaining 20 sneakers to its user base. Those who want to obtain these initial NFTs must first sign up for the WhaleFin app. Participants will also be able to buy a ticket for pick-up beginning August 26. The foundation will get 10% of the club’s shoe sales revenues. Furthermore, as a result of the foundation's worldwide cooperation and collaboration with children without boundaries, the cash will be used to fund international schools, with football serving as a tool of transformation.

The statement made by STEPN official Mable Jiang is as follows:



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