23 January
Last Update: 23 January

Amazon is taking action to launch an NFT initiative

According to a report from Blockworks, Amazon is planning to launch an NFT initiative this spring.

According to recent reports, Amazon has formed a partnership with Avalanche. The increasing interest of Amazon in cryptocurrency can be met positively in the market.

Blockworks' report suggests that Amazon may launch an NFT initiative. According to news supported by four sources familiar with Amazon's plans, the company plans to launch a new initiative that includes NFTs that can be released on the market in the spring. According to Blockworks, the company has a dozen or more partners lined up for a project focused on gaming, which Amazon is planning to create a platform to allow customers to play crypto games and earn free NFTs.

Although Amazon's efforts are still in the development stage, according to a report published by Blockworks, the initiative could be launched in April. Two sources from Blockworks said that the company plans to run the platform through Amazon or one of its subsidiaries, Amazon Web Services, rather than AWS. As Amazon's interest in cryptocurrencies and other products in the ecosystem continues to grow, it may enable other large companies to shift their attention to this area in the future.

According to CEO Andy Jassy, Amazon is open to working with companies that sell NFTs and generally does not have a specific stance on cryptocurrencies. Amazon Web Services recently announced a partnership with Ava Labs, the company behind the Avalanche blockchain. Following the partnership, the value of Avalanche's native token AVAX saw an increase.

Amazon has not yet made an official statement regarding the matter.


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