30 July
Last Update: 30 July

University of Tokyo Announces Metaverse Course!

With its own Metaverse-focused courses, the University of Tokyo hopes to teach the transition to Web3. The newly released courses, according to statements, will be available to high school students and adult professionals.

Furthermore, the institution intends to highlight essential elements in its domain in the Todai Metaverse. Upon completion of the training, all course participants will be issued official certificates.


The University of Tokyo will explain the Metaverse World!

The University of Tokyo, known as Todai, aims to share Metaverse knowledge with its citizens through a new course. Accordingly, the new program will help students and staff understand how Metaverse works. It has been announced that the course will run under the Todai College of Engineering and related graduate schools. Together, the experts aim to teach participants the importance of the Metaverse in our current society.

In fact, the University of Tokyo seeks to address a critical issue in the country. The initiative was launched in response to the issue of under-skilled personnel in Japan's high-tech and digital transformation sectors. Working on the Metaverse, according to university authorities, will allow people of different ages, genders, locations of residence, and socioeconomic positions to learn about engineering and informatics.

While some Blockchain-themed courses will include NFTs, they are not specifically mentioned as one of the courses to be offered. In addition, many people will be interested in learning about NFTs, as NFTs were introduced at the same time as the Metaverse. In the future, the university may have special courses for the NFT sector if the laws do not prevent any obstacles. Middle and high school students will get an idea of the Metaverse's introductory look. They will also learn road maps that will guide them to find employment in science, engineering, and similar fields.

Metaverse World Continues to Attract the Attention of Universities!

The University of Tokyo has stated that it is inviting everyone to its upcoming Metaverse course. According to the statements made, the school will try to encourage especially women to attend these courses. JACFA, a support group in Japan, has launched a digital support room on the Metaverse platform. The group aims to reintegrate people who refuse to leave their homes.
Last month, Arizona State University, one of the most populous universities in the United States in terms of the student population, announced that it would offer online learning systems to its students through Metaverse. In addition, this Metaverse initiative of the university is because more than 42 percent of its students are enrolled in online courses.


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